''...a long time ago in silence was born a light, the world was quiet, lifeless...silent. Then one by one, in different colors sparks scattered around, and we were singing , we all were singing the same one song. But long time ago, they forgot who they are.. Beings of light, from one source. My beautiful boy...''         



Ines Trickovic is a jazz singer, clown, cabaret artist and as she would say, an explorer. Born in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Her musical journey began in an unconventional way. Growing up in a pitoresque paradise that over night became a war wrecked city, heavily devastated during bombings in 1991-1995, she learned music and jazz by listening to Chet Baker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Tom Jobim, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Until her sexteeneth year she learned to sing over 500 jazz and bossanova standards dreaming one day she will perform them in front of a live audience. Two years later her dream started to become reality as she actively  started performing. 
 Without having a day of music school, thisself-taught vocalist became one of the most respected jazz singers in Croatia and now expanding her work aroung the world. In her career, so far, she played over 3000 concerts and collaborated with various artists like Joe Pandur, JaarmoSaari, Aaron Goldberg, Mikael Jacobsson, Kruno Levacic, Luka Zuzic, Eddie Luis, The Jewsers, Mario Igrec and many more.
Some of the festivals and projects she performed on are : Liburnia jazz festival, Samobor jazz festival, Theater show ''The Nightingale'',Musical Day for Love & Ivana Rock farytale, Le Petit Festival duTheatre, Runjiceve veceri, Cabaret Lilibelle- a jazz cabaret play she directed and wrote, Hong Kong international jazz festival, OCT loft Jazz festival in Shenzhen, Safed international music festival (Israel), Beishan World Music and jazz Festival, Macau Literary Festival- Script Road, Novigrad summer jazz nights,Dubrovnik summer festival, Jazzarella all woman jazz festival, Allsouls at sundown concert series, etc.

With her sextet last year she published album ‘’Runjic in Blue’’which was declared by the critique as one of the most modern jazz vocal albums ever recorded in Croatia and in year 2014 was awarded the highest Croatian music award ''Porin'' for best jazz performance of the year.

In May 2014 participated as the first Croatian jazz artist in a prestigeous concert cycle ''All Souls At Sundown'' in Unitarian church of All Souls on Lexington avenue, New York City, accompanied by famous jazz pianist Aaron Goldberg.

In April 2015 recorded a new album ''TALES OF QUIET LANDS AND OTHER STORIES'' in NYC in collaboration with Brian Girley, Julian Shore, Gilad Hekselman, Shin Sakaino and Kolja Gjoni.

On 6th of April 2016 she will have her debut concert ''Ines Trickovic & Friends'' in Carnegie Hall, New York City.


You can never ignore her warm and enchanting voice. An eclectic genius, she has never had a traditional music education, but has been relying on her own strength. Today, Ines is considered one of the great jazz singers. She is much more than just a talented singer and songwriter,she swims in many different artistic styles like cabaret, comedy,jazz and theater and other artistic disciplines. --Beishan international music festival 2013.

Ines is a born singer and a band leader. You can feel her strong instinct and musicality in the first minutes of her show. When you hear her once you have no doubt that she is an unique singer. --Zoran Stajcic, Music critic.  Zagreb 2013.

Ines Trickovic is brimming with personality and multidimensional charm. She’s a warm and dramatic performer, with a love for both swing and Brazilian music as well as contemporary song.--Aaron Goldberg

In my career I've played with many singers, both male and female, but Ines is one of a kind. She has a God given perfect sense for timing,impeccable intonation and ability to emotionally capture the audience. That, coupled with her lyrical soprano full of emotions,explains why I said 'one of a kind' in the very beginning.--Joe Pandur

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